There is a defeat of trust these days,

    Secrets spill and secrets kill,

Over time unravel those that can’t contain them,

    Defective containers that leak lethal things,

Trust takes a backseat to an unholy need,

    A need to release everything people see,

Is it their own fault they relinquish trust,

    Shake no and you’re a traitor yourself,

Causing grief is your need,

    To incite and ignite people highlights your greed,

Cruelty captivates you, a carnivorous being,

    Stand up and admit your carnal darkness,

I will seek nothing, just my diminished love of sentient beings,

   The closer you are, the more you tear,

Flesh litters the ground, flitting one time until gone forever,

    Severer of my soul, I’ll never get that back,

Stab me there as I bleed in the street,

    The more I hear the less I say,

Silenced by people like you,

    Ad Hominem attacks fall upon one now deafened,

Made this way by a blunt weapon of betrayal,

    Rid me of indecency and never return,

For if you do, I’ll watch you burn.



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