A Visit From Death

 Skin withered and bright eyes turned dull,

     Senses diminished, full flesh now skeletal,

My time was closing but regret I did not,

     For my deeds were my own, everything I wrought,

Some say horrible, terrible, punishable,

    Others valiant, bold and profitable,

I smile in memory cold wispy whiskey drowning me,

    This house part legacy from spoils achieved maliciously,

No more yelling into fright or fighting any strife,

    It was my time, my time ending, though not easily forgotten,

A confident knock sounded from the door,

   Much like Poe’s raven “Nevermore”,

I grin I smile eager to end virility,

   A man filled with remorse may feel brash sensitivity,

With no hesitation in comes Death in the form of a boy,

   Familiar feelings leave no room to be coy,

“Hello old friend it seems we meet again,”

   A cackle erupts spouting burning laughter in my den,

My smile fades eyes drop and trepidation surfaces,

   “No, no, no it is your time, your time is ending, though not easily forgotten”,

One final draw from drink and I accept my fate,

   Deep breaths effectively alleviate my hate,

A smile returns any fear finally subsided,

   Heaven or Hell, our actions have decided,

“So tell me old man, of all your travels,

   You’ve outwitted Death in many battles ,”

I put my arm around my pal and whispered light,

   “You see young reaper we deal in the same delight,

So I took as I pleased, just like you,

   Only I’ll live in infamy while everybody forgets who took who.”



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