A Writer’s Dilemma.

Words are extraordinary,

To be able to construct movement and feeling from thin air,

Letters traced in one’s head, a puzzle forming a story,

Beautiful harmonies and sad melodies,

Angry verse or happy rhyme schemes,

They incite smiles, fears, and sometimes tears,

Truly…an incredible phenomena,


But then there are things words cannot describe,

The sunlight’s warmth and winter’s chill,

The beginning of romance, flirtatious courting,

Or the touch of her skin, blinding ecstasy,

Or guilt and remorse as they tear immortal wounds,

As you spiral in the filth that is regret,

A stimulating adrenaline rush, as you race towards life or love,

Of those I’ll never know words that could adequately describe.


As I live and breathe I try and try,

My true dilemma to maintain words as expression of self,

Unable to come up with a combination strong enough,

But then again maybe people should not live through words on a page,

Maybe that’s the point of this dilemma,

To live and breathe and feel life in an indescribable song.



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