The Only Time I See You.

When I close my eyes, they remain half open,

In the cold of night, my dreams become broken,

Faceless faces pass through such strange places,

I see cases answering questions, footsteps make known traces,

But who I am reflects where I’ve been,

What and when follow as the legacies of all men,

Regrets fill minds like poison suffocating,

Demonstrating need for change this cynic’s cycle gyrating,

The bonds of servitude continue to constrict,

A candle burning out, there’s just no more wick,

I see your face between realities and scream,

Cry out, do anything to make you stay in my dream,

But hope doesn’t float, coats my throat with lead,

My voice is silenced while asleep in bed,

Shackled once again committed to this chase,

Seeing but not touching, eyes burning in my haste,

To feel would be divine, an impossible ecstasy in my mind,

Dangling in front of me, for now and all of time,

As I near daybreak, I softly whisper goodbye,

I open my eyes, no need of the encore to watch you die.


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