Life’s Greatest Lesson

The simple harmonics of life whisper truths of mankind,

We blindly see and deaf ears hear, but never realize,

Our hearts just deter from logic’s voice,

We love and hate our own hero’s journey,

And in the end, it’s all for naught.

Wisdom derived from this facilitating failure,

Learning hurts like a mother fucker,

Letting go like all the things we said we never would,

Quitting is quoting our favorite foes,

When all is said and doing done,

Life provides nature’s prediction,

Some find escape and salvation in distraction,

Friends, drink, drugs, or worse,

But you can’t save somebody from them self,

Life’s greatest lesson.


Will to Fight.

Ears ringing, dazed and drifting,

Cold floor on your face, life inflicting,

Beaten, berated, hope since has faded,

No one cares, this is war waging,

She cuts and tears in quiet elimination,

Life beats you down without discrimination,

And as you lie there bleeding in a ditch,

Remember, remember just what makes you itch,

What makes you tick, what makes you smile,

As she grabs for your throat, yell out in denial,

It’s in all of us, this inherent need,

To stand back up, nature’s creed,

Find in yourself your own bright light,

Find in yourself, your will to fight.

The Things We Make

 Hate wroughts hate,

    Pity the same way,

But pain is measured in pain,

    Hate in hate,

Those who hate themselves,

    Get lost in the same fate,

They sit there hurting with malicious intentions,

    Disgusting even themselves, a smile on their face,

 Nefarious criminals lacking grace,

    Filling a void with gross pretense to participate,

They vindicate positions while others truly vacate a healthy trait,

    Real sorrow masked with smiles laced with internal debate,

To flight or flee some sort of carnal desire we can all relate,

    Instead most run in fear, an endless race,

Tearing up concrete so no one can ever catch them,      

    While tearing up so bad because somebody has abused them,

Liquid Memory

A drink in time intertwines in my mind,

    Forgiving, forgetting, one drink at a time,

Pacing it pleases and sanctifies,

   As liquid coats memory, this dark world will shine,

Emotions numbed with death I dance,

   Only rage inflicted ever enhanced,

Senses dulled except when it comes to her,

   Taken too early, the good times a blur,

I’d eagerly die to taste her kiss only once more,

   Instead I taste nothing, just reach for another pour.

A Visit From Death

 Skin withered and bright eyes turned dull,

     Senses diminished, full flesh now skeletal,

My time was closing but regret I did not,

     For my deeds were my own, everything I wrought,

Some say horrible, terrible, punishable,

    Others valiant, bold and profitable,

I smile in memory cold wispy whiskey drowning me,

    This house part legacy from spoils achieved maliciously,

No more yelling into fright or fighting any strife,

    It was my time, my time ending, though not easily forgotten,

A confident knock sounded from the door,

   Much like Poe’s raven “Nevermore”,

I grin I smile eager to end virility,

   A man filled with remorse may feel brash sensitivity,

With no hesitation in comes Death in the form of a boy,

   Familiar feelings leave no room to be coy,

“Hello old friend it seems we meet again,”

   A cackle erupts spouting burning laughter in my den,

My smile fades eyes drop and trepidation surfaces,

   “No, no, no it is your time, your time is ending, though not easily forgotten”,

One final draw from drink and I accept my fate,

   Deep breaths effectively alleviate my hate,

A smile returns any fear finally subsided,

   Heaven or Hell, our actions have decided,

“So tell me old man, of all your travels,

   You’ve outwitted Death in many battles ,”

I put my arm around my pal and whispered light,

   “You see young reaper we deal in the same delight,

So I took as I pleased, just like you,

   Only I’ll live in infamy while everybody forgets who took who.”


Insomnia Cure

My cold hand shakes,

    I thirst deep down,

Something harder, faster, stronger,

    A drink to forget, to incapacitate,

A silent plea for something easier,

    Any alternative offers strife and pain,

This liquid burns as I bleed my terrible notions,

    But never as much as my sober mind,

Forget my thoughts I can’t be alone with them,

    Distractions to forge something new in my head,

I ingest my only hope,

    Faster and faster,

Danger is fleeting, no longer caring,

    Down after down my spiraling smile,

Out of control, forever it seems,

    My only escape to fall asleep.

A Soldier’s March.

A soldier marches to the beat of a drum,

    A sacred brotherhood, a future alum,

In the heat of battle he fears the firefight,

     Strength returns wrought in the form of brothers in sight,

Trust, faith, honor, and duty remain,

     Most in this world cannot say the same,

Bloody and beaten, tears in his eyes,

     Best friends fallen amidst battle cries,

They swear to protect, serve, and victor,

      With every breath, for us they survive for,

The lack of respect they receive seems criminal,

      For their protection in our lives is simply pivotal,

Generate love for every soldier,

      Or rue the day they return the cold shoulder.